T. Gilbert Pearson


T. Gilbert Pearson

         T. Gilbert Pearson in Later Years

Pearson, as a young man and later in his life


T.Gilbert Pearson grew up in Archer studying wildlife and amassing a significant collection of bird specimens and eggs.  As a young man he went to Greensboro, NC to attend Guilford College. He paid for his education by giving the college his collection in return for tuition. Pearson later became a teacher at Guilford College and what is now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

A long-time resident of Greensboro, he founded the Audubon Society of North Carolina in 1902 and was instrumental in the founding of the National Audubon Society, established in 1905. Pearson served as the president of the National Audubon Society and edited the landmark book, Birds of America. Some of his bird specimens are still in the care of Guilford College and the Natural Science Center of Greensboro. He is buried in Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro.




Pearson family home in Archer, Florida



Pearson Historical Sign in Archer